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This tv serial produced by Ramanand Sagar group, aired on Star plus channel of star tv has been renamed as Sai Baba tere hazaron haath .
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To resolve the queries of many a Sai Devotees.... the new timings of "Shirdi Sai Baba" serial on Star plus which used to be aired every Sunday at 10am ,has been now shifted to a New time which is every saturday and sunday at 7pm [Indian standard time]

Sunday, November 9, 2008

9 th november 2008

Watch online 9th November 2008 episode of Saibaba serial online
Part 1 : Watch

Part 2 : Watch
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or you can also download this episode of Saibaba tere hazzaro haath at
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amit said...

Om Sairam!

Deepa H said...

Om Sai Ram
Dear Ananth Vithlani
Your message somehow reached my spam folder and by the time I noticed it -- I had already pressed the delete button so I could not get in the message to read it -How ever, I was able to see ur name by pressing the back button-Plz re write ur message and leave it as a comment.If u r not being able to see the links - I will be posting the alternative links soon
May Sai always bless you..
Sai bhakt
Deepa H

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