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This tv serial produced by Ramanand Sagar group, aired on Star plus channel of star tv has been renamed as Sai Baba tere hazaron haath .
To watch all the episodes of the Saibaba serial , kindly keep scrolling down. I will be updating the new episode on every sunday afternoon.

To resolve the queries of many a Sai Devotees.... the new timings of "Shirdi Sai Baba" serial on Star plus which used to be aired every Sunday at 10am ,has been now shifted to a New time which is every saturday and sunday at 7pm [Indian standard time]

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Watch 29th March 2009 episode of Sai baba serial online

29th March 2009- Sai baba tere hazzaaro naam -Sai baba serial from starplus
Click here 2 watch part 1
Click here 2 watch part 2
Click here 2 watch part 3

Or you can also watch teh show from the below links-- this same episode was also aired on 4th april 2009
Part 1 : Watch
Part 2 : Watch
Part 3 : Watch
Part 4 : Watch
Part 5 : Watch
Part 6 : Watch
Youtube links
Part 1 : Watch
Part 2 : Watch
Part 3 : Watch
Part 4 : Watch
Part 5 : Watch
Part 6 : Watch


Ashish said...

Dear Deepa,
Thank you for your tireless efforts of putting up Sai Baba's video links every week.

However, 29th March's links have gotten posted incorrectly. These links point to 28th March's episode.

The links for 29th March's episode are given on this website:
Please update your post for the benefit of all the viewers.

Thanking you again for your efforts,
just another reader

Aarti said...

Bless u..

Iam from dubai and for some reason they havent been telecasting the episodes out here, so ur uploads are a relief as i can continue watching Baba's teachings..

Sai Ram

Barkha said...

thanks i was so miserable not being able to watch this serial due to star plus attitute of not showing or informing dubai viewers but i sat and watched all of them thanks again

Sesha Maheswari Devi said...

Dear Deepa ji,

Thank you very much for all your efforts to post Sai Baba serial episodes for the benefit of NRI devotees who did not have access to watch Star TV.

The links given under the title March 29th episode are taking to the download links of the 4th April episodes.

It seems there is something wrong in the connection of the link given in the blog and the link allows to doanload.

I request you, please check it out and if possible provide us the correct link of the 29th March episode.

Thank you so much
Sesha Maheswari D. M.

Deepa H said...

Om Sai Ram
Dear Sesha Maheshwari Devi,
Last month it was a big blunder cos of the mix up of the timings and days when the episode was telecasted on much that even I got confused and was not able to fix this problem.So my suggestion is that check the download link of the episode which is before and after 29th march and see if u can figure it out..
May Sai always bless u

Sesha Maheswari Devi said...

Deepa ji,

Jai Sai Nath Maharaj!

Thank you very much for your kind reply and suggestion. I will try as you indicated

Sai Ram
S. Maheswari D.M.

Sesha Maheswari Devi said...

Sai Ram Deepa ji,

It is really a very big deal and great confusion to work out the sequence of the episodes which will give the connection of the story and the dates they were aired.
some episodes which were given as they were aired on some particular date but the link shows some other different date. It is really very much confusing.

Any way, thanks a lot for all your dedicated efforts to make them available for the devotees.

Jai Sri Sai Nath
Sesha Maheswari

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